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"Fuck Portlandia"
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madman101 wrote in indie_lifestyle

Portlandia is ruining Portland: feminist bookstore publicly cuts ties with show

‘Fuck Portlandia’ blogpost by In Other Words bookstore, the setting for many sketches, says the show ‘has had a net negative effect on the city as a whole’

Study finds indie rockers face business communication challenges
A new study from North Carolina State University finds that indie rock musicians face significant business communication challenges, requiring them to develop skills that are probably not what they had in mind when they decided to make a career out of rock n' roll.

What films and books reveal about your personality type
Are you an aesthetic type, or are you cerebral? Next time you turn on the TV it could tell a lot about who you are.

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No, I'm with you, I don't really understand it all and feel like committing to 'an opinion' would mean commenting on something I could never have the facts enough on. I have read Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl recently and there is a lot about this kind of thing and Olympia in there but it's pretty much seen as a positive place, of course everywhere has its problems but they aren't really discussed much, not being part of the story and everything. I've never even been to America so wouldn't know any other way really.
A lack of TV doesn't make your opinion less valid. In Wales there has been nothing on the TV here about it either so we are both in the dark in that sense. TV can both clarify and confuse so I would suggest it's more or less helpful in different situations, but which those are could be anyone's guess!
I never dropped you as an LJ friend, you probably dropped me as I am an idiot! I wouldn't stop talking to anyone for eating meat, these things are all a personal choice. I remember telling you I was off to see Morrissey last year. I have a tendency to lurk a lot, my life isn't usually interesting enough to post about, and I prefer to hand write rather than type so send letters a lot, people on here don't tend to need me to type it up as well. But what I'm saying is of course I'll be your friend! You'll be in poor company I'm afraid, there aren't many friends of mine around anywhere.
I hope you feel better soon, not that CFS works that way, but still, I wish you health.
H x

It is rare to hear such humility on LJ. But, of course, you are from nobly Celtic Wales, and so are a sister to me. I do have a habit of losing my Irish temper and dropping people, and regretting it a few years later. But, this can partly be forgiven, since I cannot tolerate any stress coming from LJ, which is my only escape form this illness and this society. I have added you back, but it does show that you have not added me.

PS - I have a huge post on animals coming up - which maybe will be broken up into several smaller posts.

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