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Hot Thoughts
meowmensteen wrote in indie_lifestyle
Hello indie_lifestyle. I would like to do some posts here about indie music. Unfortunately after some thought, I wasn't exactly sure what indie music was. My own vague idea I had in my head was that it was music that you wouldn't normally hear on mainstream radio. The more I researched, the less sure I was as to what exactly indie music is. There seems to be a lot of debate on where to draw the line. For now, I'll stick to my own vague ideas.

Today I wanted to feature the recent album by Spoon called Hot Thoughts. The first song I heard from it was the title track. Really, I felt like I was listening to David Bowie. You can definitely hear the influence. It's kind of neat to hear new music coming out now that feels like it could have been made back in the 80's, but at the same time it also sounds so modern.

My favorite track on the album is Can I Sit Next To You. It starts out kind of fun and poppy, and then at about 1:28 into the song, it takes a spooky turn with its distorted keyboard sounds. It feels a little bit unnerving... in a good way. They also did a great job with the music video. It adds to that eerie feeling of the song. So far I haven't gotten bored with listening to this song. I've probably listened to it at least once every day since the album was released on March 17th.


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