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The fullness of independent coolness.

Shop Local. Shop Indie!
paris - librarian

A Community of Independent Local Bookstores

Indie Film Release Guide - [An ONTD Original]
* - galaxy

Being a goth is thankfully easier in 2018, says YouTuber Toxic Tears


Santigold, I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions review – a beguiling summer tracklisting
* - galaxy

Kate Bush fans re-enact Wuthering Heights video
* - egypt - lotus sekhmet

crazy /eek - colberto
Did you make the list? - !

Indie Pop/ Folk/ Soft rock
For those willing to listen:

Other than the lyrics, does this sound any good?...

Indie Pop/ Folk/ Soft rock - / https://goldrushalaska.bandcamp.com/album/love-like-thieves-3

Could it be improved by any particular kind of voice - male or female?

"Fuck Portlandia"
crazy - insane bikini

Portlandia is ruining Portland: feminist bookstore publicly cuts ties with show

‘Fuck Portlandia’ blogpost by In Other Words bookstore, the setting for many sketches, says the show ‘has had a net negative effect on the city as a whole’

Study finds indie rockers face business communication challenges
A new study from North Carolina State University finds that indie rock musicians face significant business communication challenges, requiring them to develop skills that are probably not what they had in mind when they decided to make a career out of rock n' roll.

What films and books reveal about your personality type
Are you an aesthetic type, or are you cerebral? Next time you turn on the TV it could tell a lot about who you are.

Flight of the Bohemians
cheers - smiling flower

The boho-drain: bohemians say goodbye San Francisco, hello LA

The once alternative city by the bay has become a playground for tech billionaires, so its artists are fleeing to an unlikely new home: la-la-land

Ashley and Stephen: ‘We’d like to still live in a city surrounded by cultural creatives. And LA is the solution to that.’
Ashley and Stephen: ‘We’d like to still live in a city surrounded by cultural creatives. And LA is the solution to that.’ Photograph: Ramin Talaie for the Guardian

The Flowertown Massacre
death cab
"The Flowertown Massacre," and other important posts on the 666 EXTINCTION.