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Am I late? - (Not for more record sales!)
How awesome that he is sitting in a ghetto, with his black dog, just like madman!
World Peace is None of Your Business.Collapse )

btw - I have corresponded w/ Morrissey on the internet. It went a lot better than when I corresponded w/ Howard Stern. Let your mind reel.

this charming man
morrissey - england
Morrissey book climbs charts:
"Associated Press/Matt Dunham - The memoir from [Morrissey], the former frontman …more of The Smiths - titled simply 'Autobiography' - is the first rock bio published under the venerable Penguin Classics imprint, home to Aeschylus, Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde. That has horrified some people in the publishing industry, but not the singer's many fans, who snapped up the book as soon as it was published Thursday."

The new book by British singer Morrissey is a classic. It says so right on the cover. -

Regain ZOMBIE-nomics declared a SUCCESS! - (x-post)
mad cap
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Since this here post will probably be a cross-post to a few communities, here are the tags for each community. I urge you to check out the appropriate tag, and exhaust yourself reading and despairing, some fine Sunday morning!!!

o_c_c_u_p_y - HERE

economic_sanity - HERE
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cheers - sunshine rainbow

Trey Anastasio On World Cafe -

Be sure to also check my BELOVED Yo La Tengo there too! - (and songs can be bought via going to the playlists. I love the Foxygen song two doors down, after this interview, btw!, after Wilco - "San Francisco"... maybe it's a sign...).

ps: oh yeah!... Wild Belle, song = "Keep You" on "Isles" - sweet slow ska! - reminds me of Santigold (Santogold) and Yoko Ono... And this song is followed by Irish "Bell X1" - sounding like Talking Heads. Final song in this World Cafe set is by Yo La Tengo).

Morrissey blasts McCartney knighthood
morrissey - england
Morrissey blasts McCartney knighthood

"Eighties singer Morrissey is not really known for hiding his feelings, so it will come as no surprise to know he has once again been letting rip – this time against former Beatle Paul McCartney and his acceptance of a knighthood.

"The anti-royal star has always maintained that he would not accept a knighthood should it be offered to him by the Queen, as he sees it as another way of making unruly celebs “fall into line.”

"When talking to a reported for ZulaMuzik about McCartney’s acceptance of the honour, which he called “fabulous”, Morrissey told them, “I think it's silly because she isn't fabulous, and it was Paul McCartney who once sang Give Ireland Back To The Irish, directed at the Queen. She didn't give the six counties back to Ireland and she never will because she wants the ports. That isn't fabulous to me.

"'Obviously, when anyone is made 'Sir' or given a royal gong, it quietens them down and they trot into line. I am proud of David Bowie for refusing a knighthood. Albert Finney also refused. The British royals are not royal to me. They are cunning parasites, and it's quite breathtaking that the Queen has gotten away with it for so long.'"...

(More more Morrissey stories via the link).

Pantry Independence
What foods to keep in your pantry: - also: new community: meat_be_murder

British Singer Morrissey Urges Closure of Indonesian Zoo
morrissey - love

"How many more international personalities do we need to visit the Surabaya zoo before some real positive actions are taken?"

bee gees us
tiny dog go bark bark
A song by Barry Gibb about his first love, (a dog)... First of MayCollapse )

I'm listening to the obscure 1950/1960's oldies show, which is an indie experience, and I was curious about this song cuz it's like an old crooning ballad, except unusually intimate for such, but I don't know the date yet. Happy Cinco de Mayo - & it's Polish Constitution Day.

what's so funny about peace love and understanding?
morrissey - love
1 - MORRISSEY will be in Chicago, November 10! Congress Theater. Who wants to go with me? I don't know what the rest of his tour dates are...

2 - Anybody know how I can get a copy of the WCPT Dance Factory Radio DJ MIX tonight, 1-3:am? It sounds very Indie. Morgan Page?

3 - o_c_c_u_p_y For the people being pepper-sprayed; figuring out camping logistics, dealing with the elements; becoming injured or sick, or even experiencing poor or low nutrition, hydration, or ANXIETY, these events are indeed true emergencies. And, many of the people protesting are already at the end of their ropes, having lost their homes or jobs. So, any info, ideas or help, going out to these folks, or networking to help them somehow, would be welcomed to be posted here in the following progressive community. crisis_911

b hat
i caught this via WBCQ shortwave:


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