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indie_lifestyle's Journal

The fullness of independent coolness.
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Cross-cultivating indie film, music, thought, groceries, and more.
Our forefathers fought and died so that we could enjoy belle and sebastian. Let's make the most of it.

Devoted to:

Indie Film.

Indie Music.

Indie thought.

Indie politics.

Indie love.

And all the daily issues involved in mixing it up.

Find my other, mainly progressive, communities at: communities101.
4d, alternative rock, amc, amélie, anarchists, andy warhol, animal collective, anime, art, asteroids galaxy tour, avacados, avant garde, aztec camera, belle and sebastian, belly, black clothes, bob marley, bootstraps, bravo, cafes, camera obscura, camper van beethoven, cardigans, celtic, cheap apartments, chicken tamales, chills, chocolate, cinéma vérité, coffee, cranberries, creativity, dance, dandy warhols, dark sunglasses, dawes, death cab for cutie, deer tick, depeche mode, doc martins, down by law, edinburgh film festival, elitism, emo, enya, faeries, film noir, five easy pieces, flaming lips, france, free speech, free thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, french cooking, french culture, futureheads, garbage, garden state, gay marriage, goth, heartbreak on vinyl, igby goes down, independence, independent labels, independent living, independent movies, independent music, independent party, independent thinking, indian food, indiana, indie, indie 500, indie beginning, indie films, indie folk, indie labels, indie life, indie lifestyle, indie living, indie music, indie pop, indie rock, indiefucks, intelligencia, italian film, jem, johnny depp, life is beautiful, liz phair, marcel marceau, marginal man, mazzy star, microbreweries, morrissey, movie reviews, movies, neko case, new york times, night on earth, no doubt, pantomime daydream, people watching, pieces of april, pixies, poetry, poetry slams, pretty girls make graves, progressives, radicals, rain, ramen noodles, real estate, reggae, roberto benigni, she & him, shoestring budget, snow patrol, soul coughing, south park, starbucks, sublime, sundance, sundance channel, sundance film festival, sundays, tegan and sara, the cure, the decemberists, the doves, the pixies, the shins, the smiths, the strokes, the ting tings, the xx, throwing muses, tim burton, tim curry, tiny tim, untamed heart, vampire weekend, velvet underground, wild at heart, william s. burroughs, wine, writing, yeats, yo la tengo